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Results: Associate Professor Cassandra Atherton / 2016

Dr Cassandra Atherton and Dr Alyson Miller’s VicArts Research Project

Dr Cassandra Atherton and Dr Alyson Miller were awarded a VicArts Grant earlier in 2016 for international research and development of a graphic verse novel (collaboration with artist Phil Day...

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Cassandra Atherton, David Lowe and Alyson Miller Sign Contract with Rowman and Littlefield

This week CHRG’s Cassandra Atherton, David Lowe, Alyson Miller signed a contract with Rowman and Littlefield for a book of essays entitled Memorializing the Atomic Bomb.   The purpose...

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History Seminar Series: Panel Discussion Number Three

Contemporary Histories Seminar Series: Trimester Two, 2016 – Panel Three Panel Three: Telling the Past That is Still with Us: The Historiographical and Literary Challenges Posed by Contemporary Histories...

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Submissions Open for the joanne burns MicroLit Award

Dr Cassandra Atherton is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Communication and Creative Arts and has recently returned from a Visiting Scholar position at Harvard University. Cassandra is...

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Dr Cassandra Atherton – Poetry at the House

Dr Cassandra Atherton is a Senior Lecturer in Literary Studies and Professional & Creative Writing. She has recently returned from a 12 month appointment as a Visiting Scholar at...

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Dr Cassandra Atherton Speaking at University House, Canberra

Dr Cassandra Atherton will be reading her poetry at University House, at the Australian National University May 11, 2016 at See details here. Cassandra is an award winning...

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Dr Cassandra Atherton Co-edits Special Edition of Journal

Dr Cassandra Atherton, together with Jessica Wilkinson edits a special edition on Environments for the Oxford Journal, Contemporary Women’s Writing. Click here for the table of contents. Dr Cassandra Atherton is an...

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Cassandra Atherton’s Two New Publications

Dr Cassandra Atherton had two publications in 2015, Exhumed (Grand Parade Poets) and Trace (Finlay Lloyd Publishers). See Cassandra’s webpage for more details and a review in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Dr Alyson Miller Reports on World Poetry Day, 2016

 Dr Alyson Miller attends a celebration of UNESCO’s World Poetry Day in Geelong. I recently attended a celebration of World Poetry Day, hosted by Geelong Library and Heritage Centre,...

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Dr Cassandra Atherton Presents at Harvard University

Dr Cassandra Atherton presents at the Public Intellectual Conference: March 31 – April 2, 2016, Boston, MA. Currently, I’m excited to be preparing for the Public Intellectual Conference at the...

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Current Research Projects

The Contemporary Histories Research Group members work on a diverse range of research projects ranging from The Decolonisation of Melanesia, to Miyazaki Hayao as Reluctant Public Intellectual.  We are...

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Cassandra Atherton & Alyson Miller Awarded Vic Arts Grant

Dr Cassandra Atherton & Dr Alyson Miller have been awarded a $9,000 VicArts grant for international research and development of a graphic verse novel (collaboration between poets Alyson Miller...

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