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Dr Donna-Lee Frieze – International Association of Genocide Scholars

Dr Donna-Lee Frieze is the Head of the Organising Committee for the upcoming five-day conference in Yerevan, Armenia for the International Association of Genocide Scholars (8-12 July 2015). Donna...

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Dr Peter Edwards to give paper at Australian Prime Ministers Centre Seminar

On 19 June Dr Edwards will give a paper at the Australian Prime Ministers Centre seminar titled ‘Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Justice Robert Hope and the development of the...

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Debra Wain – PhD Candidate

Deb Wain is a current PhD candidate at Deakin University. Her thesis, Stirring the Brew: The Power of Women, Stories and Food, is due for completion in 2016. Deb reflects...

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Professor Jim Cullen Visiting Deakin University in July 2015

Professor Jim Cullen is an American cultural historian whose scholarship has covered the colonial period to the present, with a particular focus on the history of popular culture. Jim...

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Dr Cassandra Atherton – Visiting Scholar at Harvard University

Cassandra Atherton is about to take up a visiting scholar’s position at Harvard University, where her supervisor will be the University Professor for the Humanities, Stephen Greenblatt, ‘Father of...

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Dr Samuel Koehne in Top 5% of Academics on

Dr. Samuel Koehne has been in the top five per cent of academics on for the past two months, and his recent paper on ‘The Nazi Christmas’ (Central European...

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Holocaust Student Showcase

Holocaust, Student Interpretation Showcase

Created in 2014, this new blog is connected to Deakin’s history unit AIH264 The Holocaust. It features several components, but its primary function is to showcase work produced by...

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Deakins History Blog

Contemporary Histories at Deakin goes Live

Welcome to Contemporary Histories at Deakin University. This site is dedicated to bringing together two complementary endeavours in the one public space. Part of this forum provides useful information for...

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