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Reflections – Deakin University event ‘De-familiarising the Ordinary’

On 17 July 2015, the Deakin University Faculty of Arts and Education and the Contemporary Histories Research Group presented ‘De-familiarising the Ordinary’ with Professor Jim Cullen, Dr Kat Ellinghaus...

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Southern Anthropology: A History of Fison and Howitt’s Kamilaroi and Kurnai

by Associate Profesor Helen Gardner (Deakin University) and Dr Patrick McConvell (Australian National University) From far-flung sites in Australia and the Pacific Islands, Lorimer Fison and A. W. Howitt produced the...

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Ann Bon and the Women of Coranderrk

by Dr Joanna Cruickshank This research project is Joanna Cruickshank’s primary research task within an ARC Linkage Project,  the Minutes of Evidence Project: Promoting New and Collaborative Ways of Understanding Australia’s Past and...

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Miyazaki Hayao as Reluctant Public Intellectual

by Dr Cassandra Atherton This book of essays analyses Studio Ghibli anime written and directed by Miyazaki.  While Miyazaki is reclusive, he is in constant filmic dialogue with his audience,...

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Wise Guys: The Changing Role of the Public Intellectual

by Dr Cassandra Atherton This book investigates the role of the public intellectual in America.  In a series of critical essays and case studies, Wise Guys focuses, first, on...

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Dr Philipp Schorch – Marie Curie Fellow at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany

Dr Schorch completed his PhD in 2011 with the Museum and Heritage Studies Programme at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. After holding post-doctoral fellowships at Deakin University, Australia,...

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The Last Phase of PhD Candidature – Sarah Coates

The last phase of my Ph.D. brings with it a range of emotions. I have paused to reflect on my achievements to this point but I also feel immense...

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Dr Kirstie Close-Barry – Deakin University Fellow

I completed my PhD in 2014, submitting on April Fool’s Day and then finally graduating in October. My thesis examined the racial and cultural divisions in Fiji through a...

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Upcoming Event – ‘De-familiarising the Ordinary’

Faculty of Arts and Education and the Contemporary Histories Research Group Present: ‘DE-FAMILIARISING THE ORDINARY’ Thinker in Residence – Professor Jim Cullen joined by Dr Kat Ellinghaus and Dr...

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Jo Chandler – Winner of Melbourne Press Club Quill for Best Feature

Jo Chandler, Honorary Fellow and member of the Contemporary Histories Research Group, was awarded the Melbourne Press Club Quill in March 2014 for Best Feature, for her Papua New...

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Dr Donna-Lee Frieze – International Association of Genocide Scholars

Dr Donna-Lee Frieze is the Head of the Organising Committee for the upcoming five-day conference in Yerevan, Armenia for the International Association of Genocide Scholars (8-12 July 2015). Donna...

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Dr Peter Edwards to give paper at Australian Prime Ministers Centre Seminar

On 19 June Dr Edwards will give a paper at the Australian Prime Ministers Centre seminar titled ‘Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Justice Robert Hope and the development of the...

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