Peter Edwards


Peter Edwards has published extensively, mainly on the history of Australian foreign and defence policy, policy-making and policy-makers. As the Official Historian, Peter was general editor of the nine-volume Official History of Australia’s Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1948-1975 (Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam) and author of the volumes dealing with strategy and diplomacy, Crises and Commitments (1992) and A Nation at War (1997). He is also the author of Australia and the Vietnam War (2014), Arthur Tange: Last of the Mandarins (2006), and Prime Ministers and Diplomats (1983); editor of Australia Through American Eyes (1977) and Defence Policy-Making: A Close-Up View (2008); co-author of A School with a View (2010); and co-editor of Facing North (vol. 2, 2003). He played a major role in establishing the series of Documents on Australian Foreign Policy.

His latest book is Law, Politics and Intelligence: A Life of Robert Hope (2020). In recent years he has also written several monographs, peer-reviewed articles, chapters, book reviews and blog posts, mostly on the Vietnam War, foreign and defence policy, and the intelligence agencies.

Peter’s books have won several prizes and he has served on research and advisory committees for the Australian Institute of International Affairs, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Army. He is a Member of the Order of Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of International Affairs.



Australian Policy
 and History

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