Lauren Robinson

HDR student

BA (Hons.) History

Start date: February 2016

Thesis Summary

My thesis will build off the existing work on environmental and women’s history in the Australian context, focusing on the creation of sense of place in Victorian women. In particular, I am examining the myriad ways in which white women formed connections to the land, for example through outdoor labour, gardening, use of animals and creative endeavour. ​As well as ​this, I will attempt to frame the project in the context of the European invasion of Indigenous land, and to look at how white belonging and sense of place contributed to the dispossession of the Indigenous population. My project will deal with colonial Victoria, roughly between the years of 1850 – 1901.


Dr Joanna Cruickshank

Dr Tiffany Shellam

Dr Sarah Pinto



Australian Policy
 and History

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