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Dario Cositore is a cotutelle PhD candidate at two universities. He studies History with specialisation in Economics and Economic Institutions at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, and Political Philosophy with a focus on critical theories of the state at the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ in Italy. His academic training is rooted in Marxist logic and epistemology, as well as in the critique of political economy and the state. Dario’s doctoral project concerns ‘Late Imperialism’. He investigates the development of the productive forces that brought about a change in production relations since the era of fluctuating exchange rates. In doing so, Dario grafts himself into the contemporary debate about economic, political, and environmental transformations.

Dario’s latest work includes:

  • The Decline of Trade Unionism, IG Metall Support for Capital and the Attack on Workers by the Hartz Reforms in Germany. An Example Not to Follow’, in Barry Colfer (ed.), European Trade Unions in the 21st Century – Workplace Democracy and Solidarity in the Digital Age (Palgrave MacMillan, London, in press)
  • ‘The Relevance of Bukharin. Imperialism and the International Division of Labour’, Socialism and Democracy (forthcoming)
  • ‘Ideology of Production and Production of Ideology. On the Destructiveness of the Capitalist Mode of Production’, Forma (forthcoming)
  • ‘Critique of the Law Form of Ideology. The Production of Commodities and False Consciousness in the Anti-Legal Jurisprudence of Pashukanis’, Consecutio Rerum (forthcoming)

Dario also has written reviews for the Journal of World History as well as Contemporary Political Theory. Among his interests appears Marxism, above all the classic one that goes from Marx to Trotsky. In particular, Dario is interested in contemporary historical, economic, political, and environmental issues considered through the critical method developed by the Trier revolutionary.

For more information please contact:

Phone – (+34) 652558426  Email – dario.cositore01@estudiant.upf.edu  or Skype – cositore.dario.

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