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Dr Bree Carlton is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University. Her research centres on two key areas: histories of anti-carceral protest and histories of punishment and institutionalisation. In particular she seeks to identify and explore intersections between the two areas and how these connections might help us to better understand collective visions, memories and struggles for penal change and social justice. Ultimately through her research endeavours Bree hopes to illuminate strategies than can inform contemporary struggles and official agendas driven to eliminate prison generated violence and harm.

Bree has published research papers in Theoretical Criminology,  Howard Journal of Criminal Justice and Punishment and Society. She authored Imprisoning Resistance: Life and Death in an Australian Supermax (Federation Press 2007) and is co-editor of Women Exiting Prison: Critical Essays on Gender, Post-Release Support and Survival (Routledge 2013). Her monograph Resisting Carceral Violence: Women’s Imprisonment and the Politics of Abolition is co-authored with Emma K. Russell and was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.

  • Research

    Bree has completed a number of research projects and through these has produced innovative, interdisciplinary approaches for documenting and writing against institutionally generated experiences of discrimination, harm and violence. Key areas of focus include:

    • Histories of Anti-Carceral Protest
    • Histories of Punishment and Institutionalisation
    • Women’s Imprisonment, Post-Release Support and Survival
    • Penal Reform, Abolition Politics and Praxis
  • Selected Publications

    Recent Journal Articles

    Wilson, J. Z. & Carlton, B., (2022) ‘Delinquent Girls as Activists: Insider Activism and Carceral Welfare’, Special Issue on Spaces of Conscience edited by Linda Steele and Justine Lloyd, Space and Culture. Online First: DOI: 10.1177/12063312211066542

    Ryan, E., Warren, I. and Carlton, B., (in press for publication in 2022), ‘Biopolitics, Control and Pandemic Policing in Victoria’, Journal of Power and Resistance.

    Russell, E. K., Carlton, B. and D. Tyson, (2021) ‘It’s a Gendered Issue 100 per cent’: The Nexus Between Family Violence, Homelessness and Criminalisation in the Victorian Bail and Remand System’, International Journal for Crime and Social Democracy, 0(3).

    Russell, E.K., Carlton, B & Tyson, D., (2020) ‘Carceral Churn: A Sensorial Ethnography of the Bail and Remand Court’, Punishment and Society, Online First: DOI: 10.11777/1462474520967566

    Russell, E. K. & Carlton, B., (2018) Counter-Carceral Acoustemologies: Sound, Permeability and Feminist Protest at the Prison Boundary’, Theoretical Criminology, Online First, DOI: 1.01177/1362480618769862.


    Carlton, B. and Russell, E. (2018) Resisting Carceral Violence: Women’s Imprisonment and the Politics of Abolition, Palgrave Critical Criminological Perspectives.

    Carlton, B. (2007) Imprisoning Resistance: Life and Death in an Australian Supermax, Sydney Institute of Criminology Series & Federation Press, Sydney.

  • Awards, Fellowships and Honours

    2017 Allen Austin Bartholomew Award, Annually awarded for best article in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 2016: B. Carlton & M. Segrave, “Rethinking women’s post-release reintegration and ‘success’” published in Vol. 49. No. 2, pp. 281-299.

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