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The Contemporary Histories Research Group at Deakin University is seeking individuals who are passionate about modern history, creative writing and other cognate disciplines, and are interested in participating in a fully funded and supported Higher Degree by Research.


The Contemporary Histories Research Group (CHRG) is an interdisciplinary network whose work relates to the strongest echoes of the past in the present. Deakin University has supported the CHRG in its building a profile of distinctive research in Australia and, with international partners.

CHRG members also provide leadership for the Australian Policy and History Network, which is network of historians that recognise the value of historical knowledge in the pursuit of better public policy outcomes and seek to promote historians as constructive participants in policy debates. 


We are looking for individuals who interested in pursuing a PhD. We are interested in prospective candidates who have research interests/research experience/backgrounds in, but not limited to:

Visual Cultures
Historical and multidisciplinary analyses of visual materials, including photography, film, posters, and other artworks.

Collecting, Archiving, Curating
Exploring the role of formal and informal collections of materials informing dialogue between the past and present, including Indigenous perspectives, feminist approaches, nuclear archiving and records relating to the changing Pacific.

American History and American Studies
The political, social, and cultural history of the world’s great superpower. Strengths include domestic and international policy; slavery, civil rights, racism, and anti-racism; relationship between the United States and Australia.

Colonisation and decolonisation across the Indo-Pacific
Analysing and exploring the role of governments, churches, explorers, indigenous groups and militaries in colonisation across South East Asia and the Pacific, and the role of these and other institutions in the process of decolonisation.

Historical Consciousness – popular and policy
Analyses of the sources of historical knowledge, including through institutions such as museums, curricula, popularly watched/read/heard materials, and family histories; and the role of historical content and thinking in policy debate and formation.

Australian Football Studies
Investigations into the prominent role Australian football has played and continues to play in culture and society. Themes include but are not limited to: historical inquiries of football clubs within their communities; the growing involvement of women in football both as players and administrators; and the preservation of former VFL/AFL matchday venues as part of Melbourne’s urban landscape and local community engagement.


To apply, please contact your preferred supervisor directly from the list above.  You should also check details on the Faculty HDR page. To apply for a scholarship linked to candidature you should submit expressions of interest by 23rd April, with full applications due by 1st May. All details, including updates on dates and scholarship opportunities are available at the Deakin Research websiteNote: Applicants are required to have a minimum Honours degree, completed with First Class result, or equivalent. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we require prospective candidates to hold an Australian citizenship or international students that are currently in Australia. Only candidates studying full time will be eligible for scholarship

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  1. Helen Begley says:
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    I’m interested in finding out more about the CHRG Higher Degree by Research Scholarship. I have not been able to find a list of supervisors on this page so I”m wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I’m not sure whether my experience or what I can bring to the HDR is relevant or of interest but I thought I’d at least make some enquires. My area of interest is creating works for performance from historical texts and academic research. My current theatre show, “Voyage” is an example of this. It uses theatre and music to explore the early immigration schemes for women in 1830’s Sydney. It is largely based on the work of historian Dr Liz Rushen, with references from letters, newspapers of the time, other contemporary and historical writings as well as extensive musical research. The 90 minute work touches on themes of immigration, racism, colonization, identity, sexism, how government schemes affect individuals, Australian folk music and women’s friendship. It challenges audiences to ask whether the attitudes in 19th Century Australian are still mirrored in contemporary Australia. It is about to have a season at 45 Downstairs in the CBD, Geelong and Bendigo. It was also selected as on of six theatre pieces on this year’s VCE Drama Play list. I also have an abiding interest in Family history and am in the process of putting together a series of podcasts based on my research. I am also to embark on researching my next theatre piece which at this stage will touch on the treatment of new immigrant women and their relationship with the colonial mental health system and it’s consequences and the questions it may raise for contemporary Australia. I look forward to hearing from you, Warm regards, Helen Begley

    1. Anna Kent says:
      - Reply

      Hi Helen, I’ve responded to you by email.
      Regards, Anna

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