Multiple pasts and conflicted presents: History in conversation

This new and exciting series invites history educators, historians, writers and digital history makers across the globe to have a conversation about the role of history today, in schools, universities, broader communities and personal lives. In times of sudden change the role of history is ever changing so each episode will consider history in contemporary and conflicted presents raising key questions from multiple perspectives.

We invite YOU to be part of the conversation. View the ‘blurb’ for each episode and send any questions to: Dr. Kerri Anne Garrard one week prior to each seminar. Your questions will be incorporated into the conversation. Come along to the Webinar (on Zoom) and be part of the Q&A session.


Unfortunately episode 2 of this series has been postponed. New details will be added when available. 


‘In times of conflicted pasts and presents what is the role of the historian?’

For this seminar we will have two special guests for a panel discussion on the role of historians with Professor Peter Edwards and Dr. Yves Rees.






EPISODE 1 | Wednesday 12th May

Youth, identity, and history education: A perspective from Canada

Introducing Dr. Samantha Cutrara and her new book ‘Transforming the Canadian History Classroom: Imagining a new we’ in conversation with Dr. Kerri Anne Garrard & Dr. Yeow-Tong Chia (Sydney University).

Wednesday 12th May, 11am on Zoom via this link.

This episode is proudly brought to you by Deakin Contemporary Histories Group & the AARE History and Education SIG.

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