CHRG Seminar Series | 17th March 2021 | Dr David Wetherell

Our second seminar for the year will be a paper from Dr David Wetherell.

Robert Banks Jenkinson and family

Apart from Queen Victoria, no prominent Briton has left so deep a mark on the Australian landscape as Robert Banks Jenkinson: the Hawkesbury River, Liverpool Street, Sydney, the Liverpool Plains, the town of Liverpool etc. That he was Britain’s longest-serving prime minister is well known. Virtually unknown is that he was part-Indian.

The seminar looks at Robert’s father Charles Jenkinson’s role at University College Oxford and that of his friend Nathan Wetherell, college master for 40 years. In particular it focusses on the debate over Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the ‘Noble Savage’, a controversy enlivened by the publication of Cook’s Voyage to the Pacific Ocean in the mid 1780s

This discussion is accompanied by a modern secular interpretation of the sustained championing by Oxford colleges of the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings. 

You can join the seminar on Zoom at 11am (AEST) on Wednesday 17th March:

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