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Results: 2020

‘Meeting the Waylo’, winner of the PM’s Literary Award for Australian history.

Tiffany Shellam’s book ‘Meeting the Waylo: Aboriginal Encounters in the Archipelago’ has been awarded the PM’s Literary Award for Australian history.

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Recording of Concepts of National Security: Australian and international perspectives

On 25 November, the Australian Policy History Network and National Security College, ANU co-hosted a one-day conference on ‘Concepts of National Security: Australian and international perspectives’. The program was shaped largely by David Lowe and Carolyn Holbrook and sought to contextualise concepts of national security in different temporal and geographical contexts, with an emphasis on its significance in Australia.

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Interview with Lesley Blume

To coincide with the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, on 6 August 1945, Lesley Blume has unearthed the story behind what a distinguished panel judged the most important piece of journalism of the twentieth century – John Hersey’s Hiroshima. Matthew Ricketson interviews Lesley Blume about her book, Fallout.

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Cancelling Bismarck

Black Lives Matter, a princess from Zanzibar and Germany’s “memorial hygiene” 

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Concepts of national security workshop: Australian and international perspectives

How has the idea of national security evolved over the last 100 years? Who tells us how to feel secure/insecure and how has this changed over time? And how do Australian perspectives, contemporary and historical, compare with other conceptions and architectures of national security?

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Literature and History: Australian Perspectives.

A recording of the webinar, ‘Literature and History: Australian perspectives’, webinar. Hosted by IGNOU: The people’s university.

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Interview with Katharine Murphy.

Matthew Ricketson interviews Katharine Murphy about her Quarterly Essay, ‘The End of Certainty: Scott Morrison and Pandemic Politics’. Released in September while the nation grapples with the impact of COVID-19 and Melburnians grind their way through months of lockdown, Quarterly Essay No. 79 offers the first serious effort to document how the federal government responded to the great challenge they faced.

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The Contemporary Histories Research Group at Deakin University is seeking individuals who are passionate. about modern history, creative writing and other cognate disciplines, and are interested in participating in a fully funded and supported Higher Degree by Research.

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On the Aftermath of the Great War – The Dead Prussian Podcast, with Carolyn Holbrook

In this episode, Mick chats with historians Prof Keir Reeves and Dr Carolyn Holbrook about their book, The Great War: Aftermath and Commemoration.

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Seminar Series News

Glad to be resuming the Contemporary Histories Research Group’s seminar series next week with what promises to be a cracker from Deakin postdoctoral research fellow colleague in the Alfred Deakin Institute, Alexandra Roginski.

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In Defence of Europe, by Klaus Neumann

Professor Klaus Neumann, published with Inside Story, ‘That Other Virus’, where he considers, that despite Europe’s failure to rise to the challenge in Greece, the “virus of insolidarity” is still being resisted.

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The Legacies of Atomic Testing

Professor David Lowe features in a new Radio National Podcast: The Sands of Ooldea Collection. Professor Lowe’s contribution can be located in part 3 about Maralinga.

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