Remembering the Modern World: History in Our Midst – Routledge Series

Remembering the Modern World: History in our midst, Routledge series

On 24 April Routledge published the fifth volume in the Remembering the Modern World series, a multi-volume project launched in 2013 and edited by CHRG historians, Tony Joel and David Lowe

This fifth instalment, by Carola Lentz and David Lowe and with contributions from Jon Ritchie, is Remembering Independence and considers the ways in which independence has been contested and remembered in cases studies from post-war Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We join with Carola, David and Jon in celebrating the publication of Remembering Independence.

With two more volumes to appear in 2018, there will be seven by the end of the year. Two further volumes are planned for publication in 2019.

The series has a strong spine of CHRG contributors and it has fostered a network of distinguished historians from around the world, as can be seen in a re-cap of publications to date:

Remembering the Cold War: Global Contest and National Stories, 2013

Joint authors: David Lowe (CHRG), Tony Joel (CHRG)

Remembering Genocide, 2014

Joint editors: Nigel Eltringham (Sussex), Pam Maclean (CHRG)


Avril Alba (Sydney); Nigel Eltringham; Donna-Lee Frieze (CHRG); Nikki Hitchcott (Nottingham); Tricia Logan (Royal Holloway); Pam Maclean; Henning Melber (Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation); Elena Lesley-Rozen (Rutgers); Damien Short (Institute of Commonwealth Studies); Pippa Virdee (De Montfort).

Remembering the First World War, 2015

Edited by Bart Ziino (CHRG)


Annette Becker (Paris-Ouest Nanterre la Defense); Ann-Marie Einhaus (Northumbria); Peter Grant (City, London); Emma Hanna (Greenwich); Sabine Haring (Karl-Franzens); Carolyn Holbrook (CHRG); Keith Jeffrey (Queen’s); Vedica Kant (Oxford); Catriona Pennell (Exeter); Karen Petrone (Kentucky); David Reynolds (Cambridge); Karen Shelby (City, New York); James Wallis (Exeter); Ross Wilson (Chichester); Bart Ziino.

Remembering the Second World War, 2018

Edited by Patrick Finney (Aberystwyth)


Margaret Atack (Leeds); Joan Beaumont (ANU); Joyce van der Bildt (Tel Aviv); Tim Cole (Bristol); Gerald Figal (Vanderbildt); Patrick Finney; Jeremy Hicks (Queen Mary); Eva Kingsepp (Karlstad); Jie-Hyun Lim (Sogang); Bill Niven (Nottingham); Caroline Norma (RMIT); Edward Vickers (Kysushu); Tatiana Zhurzhenko (Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna).

Remembering Independence, 2018

Joint authors, Carola Lentz (Mainz), David Lowe (CHRG)

The two volumes to be published later in 2018 are:

Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings, edited by Andy Pearce (University College, London) and,

Remembering Womens’s Activism jointly authored by Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Vera Mackie (both University of Wollongong)


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