Ailsa Brackley du Bois’ Article Published in M/C Journal

Ailsa Brackley du Bois‘ article, ‘Repairing the Disjointed Narrative of Ballarat’s Theatre Royal’, was published by M/C Journal (Volume 20, number 5, 2017). Ailsa was recently awarded an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship to undertake her postgraduate research.

Ailsa is a professional non-fiction writer, researcher, educator and project manager with a Marketing Communications consultancy called The Editorial Suite. In 2016 Ailsa was the Artistic Director commissioned to deliver the 10th Anniversary Clunes Booktown Festival. Since 2014, Ailsa has coordinated and lectured undergraduate Marketing courses for the Business School at Federation University. Prior to this Ailsa had a 15-year career as a senior higher education publisher, with global publishing organisations.


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