Welcome to Our New Member – Postgraduate Student Brooke Maggs

Please welcome our new member, postgraduate student Brooke Maggs

Brooke’s thesis, titled ‘Writing the Storyteller: A model for artificially intelligent narrative systems in interactive media’, will produce a creative artifact and exegesis. The creative artifact is a practice-based inquiry into artificially intelligent (AI) narrative systems, that will involve developing a novella, a science fiction work, and a model for an AI storyteller, based on the novella’s fictional world, which unfolds an interactive story. This interactive story will be a sequel to the novella will be presented as a design, or flowchart, for a prototype of an artificially intelligent storyteller. This is a system designed to manage the unfolding of a plot to players based on their interactions with characters and events it triggered in the environment congruent with the plot. I will write the details of these characters and events and they will act as starting points for a system.

The exegesis will use an autoethnographic methodology that traces key moments in my formation as a writer where dynamic, generative narrative has been the heart of my practice (in oral storytelling and online role-playing games).


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