Brooke Maggs’ Article Published on The Conversation

Postgraduate student Brooke Maggs wrote an article, titled ‘More Women Are Becoming Game Developers, But There’s A Long Way To Go’, was published on The Conversation in July. 

Brooke is a narrative designer, writer and researcher based in Melbourne, Australia.

She is working on The Gardens Between, an adventure puzzle game on display at Codebreakers exhibition at the ACMI in July 2017. She is also the narrative designer for Paperbark, a game about a wombat and one hot Australian summer.

Recently, she received the 2017 MCV Pacific XBOX Women in Games Creative Impact award for her work in the games industry. Brooke has taught games studies, popular culture studies and user experience design at Swinburne University for six years. She regularly speaks and writes on games and narrative with a focus on creative practice.  


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