Brooke Maggs Appearing at Code Breakers: Women in Games Exhibition

Brooke Maggs is a current postgraduate student, and is appearing as part of the Code Breakers: Women in Games exhibition at ACMI, while also producing the exhibition. The exhibition runs daily until 5 November at Federation Square in Melbourne. 

“I want to see more women and girls making, playing and sharing games…. develop and grow your own game making and playing style because we’re here, we’ll support you and we want to play your games.” – Brooke Maggs, ACMI 

Brooke’s PhD, titled ‘Writing the Storyteller: A model for artificially intelligent narrative systems in interactive media’, is a practice-based inquiry into artificially intelligent (AI) narrative systems, that will involve developing a novella, a science fiction work, and a model for an AI storyteller, based on the novella’s fictional world, which unfolds an interactive story.


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