History Seminar Series Nine: Debra Wain – “Fiction and Food, Parallels and Perspectives”

Debra Wain will present her paper, “Fiction and Food, Parallels and Perspectives: A Ficto-Critical Enquiry into Women, Food and Culture”, at our History Seminar Series on Wednesday 24 May (11am).


Dr Quincy Nasaku is a fictional character developed as part of Deb Wain’s creative writing PhD thesis about women, food and culture. As an esteemed academic at Fremantle University, Dr Nasaku was asked to deliver a keynote address at the Pointed Nibs Annual Creative Writing Conference covering her recent creative practice through the lens of the conference theme: parallels and perspectives. Dr Nasaku’s address, as will be delivered on her behalf by Deb Wain, covers the links between food and women, food and culture, and the creative process and cooking in order to investigate the inter-generational, intercultural and historical explorations of food and stories.


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