Dr Jemma Purdey’s New Podcast – ‘Talking Indonesia: Women, Gender and Activism’

Dr Jemma Purdey is the co-host of the Talking Indonesia podcast. The new instalment, ‘Women, Gender and Activism’, is now available: 

What is the present state of the women’s movement in Indonesia? Why have sexuality and the female body continued to be sites for contestation and national anxiety? How have women and other marginalised groups like the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community responded to the conservative turn? In this week’s podcast I explore these issues with Dr Intan Paramaditha, a lecturer at Macquarie University. -Dr Jemma Purdey

Dr Purdey is an Indonesian studies scholar, with a particular interest in political biography and ethnic minorities. She is Research Fellow in the Faculty of Arts and the Australia Indonesia Centre at Monash University. Dr Purdey has published on Indonesian politics and contemporary history and about Australia’s relationship with Indonesia. She is sole editor of Knowing Indonesia: Intersections of Self, Discipline and Nation (Monash University Publishing, Clayton Vic., 2012) and co-editor with Antje Missbach of Linking people: Connections and encounters between Australians and Indonesians (Regiospectra, Berlin, 2015).


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