Dr Cassandra Atherton’s New Research Project

Dr Cassandra Atherton was recently featured in Deakin’s Invenio blog in relation to her new research project, ‘Hiroshima Maidens’ in Prose, which is funded by an Australia Council Grant.  Cassandra will conduct research in Japan for this project later in 2017, and will write a hybrid book of prose poetry:

“Sometimes, it’s imagination that gets the word out more than writing a scholarly paper; it’s about thinking in different ways to educate people about the terrible consequences of the atomic bomb. People can be involved in creative projects and make a difference by lobbying for military disarmament in this way.”

-Cassandra Atherton, Deakin Invenio

Read the full article to learn more about Dr Atherton’s project.


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  1. John Webb says:
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    Dear Dr Atherton, you may know of these already, but I am writing at once to mention The Hiroshima Panels, now housed ( well 14 of 15) in a dedicated museum ( sorry, cannot recall exactly the town), with the remaining one at the peace museum in Nagasaki. I saw it late last year. The panels are painted screens exploring the horrrors of the Hiroshima bomb. I met the artists when I was a PhD student in chemistry at CalTech in the seventies. They are visually very powerful.
    Best wishes fot the project
    John Webb

    1. CELESTE THORN says:
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      Hi John,
      Thank you for this information, we have passed your message directly to Cassandra!
      Kind Regards,
      The CHRG team.

      1. John webb says:
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        Thanks you, much appreciated !

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