Dr Samuel Koehne’s Article in Top 10 Most Read in German Studies Review

Dr Samuel Koehne‘s article ‘The Racial Yardstick: “Ethnotheism” and Official Nazi Views on Religion’ is currently in the top ten most-read articles in German Studies Review.

Dr Koehne works in the field of Modern European History, focusing particularly on the interrelations between religion, politics and nationalism. He is an expert on Nazism and religion, and has a developed international profile owing to a series of publications in world-class journals (including Central European History, the Journal of Contemporary History & German Studies Review). His research on the ‘official’ Nazi views on religion has forged new ground, including a new conceptual approach that reframes the terms of debate: ‘ethnotheism,’ or religion defined by race and the perceived spiritual and moral characteristics that the Nazis believed were inherent in race.


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