Dr Filip Slaveski’s Article in Routledge’s Collection ‘The Dissolution of the Soviet Union: 25 Years on’

Dr Filip Slaveski’s article ‘Violence from Below: Explaining Crimes against Civilians across Soviet Space, 1943–1947’ from Europe-Asia Studies has been included in Routledge’s latest article collection The Dissolution of the Soviet Union: 25 Years On.  This collection showcases research on the Soviet Union, to mark 25 years since its collapse. Articles can be freely accessed until June 2017.

Much of Dr Slaveski’s research is based on declassified Soviet archival sources relevant to his major interests of Soviet occupations in post-war Eastern Europe, particularly in Germany and the post-war reconstruction of the Soviet Union itself. Filip has collaborated on international research projects investigating Soviet famine in 1946-47 and its impact on Eastern Europe, the demobilisation of the Red Army from 1945 and published journal articles and book chapters in this area.


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