Congratulations to Professor David Lowe’s Australian Research Council Funding Success

CHRG_DLoweProfile2015Congratulations to Professor David Lowe for his Australian Research Council successful funding application.

Professor Lowe along with Professor Mark McGillivray’s project is titled: Australia’s Foreign Aid Since 1945: National Values and Aid Allocation.

This project aims to analyse Australian motives and their connectedness to the allocation of foreign aid since the Second World War. In addition to reducing poverty and lifting living standards abroad, aid has always been linked to other interests such as the promotion of security, economic opportunity and other outcomes. This project will research relationships between identified values and geographical priorities in Australia’s aid programme. In reconnecting history with the social science of applied economics, it will provide methodological paths for further research, including comparable studies of other governments giving aid. This project expects to add to understanding of Australia’s role in world affairs and the significance of aid in Australia’s international reputation. The project will receive $376,500.00 funding.

Professor David Lowe is Chair in Contemporary History in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. David is a co-founder of the Australian Policy and History network and a member of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Editorial Advisory Board, advising the Australian Foreign Minister with respect to the Documents on Australian Foreign Policy Series.


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  1. John webb says:
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    Congrats David Lowe on the ARC grant. The topic is very important and its history will be fascinating and, i expect, at times troubling, I am sure. Best wishes, john webb

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