Program Announced: How Australians Should Live: Historical Perspectives on Current Policy Challenges

CHRG Logo_with textPlace: Lecture Theatre 2, Hedley Bull Building, Australian National University, Canberra

Leaders: Frank Bongiorno, Nicholas Brown, Bruce Chapman, David Lowe, Meredith Edwards, Stuart Macintyre, Sean Scalmer and  John Uhr


Session 1


Introductions and Objectives

Session 2


  • Emily Millane
    • Politics of tax reform in Australia


  • Daniel Hannington-Pinto
    • Union engagement with and influence over policy debates from the mid-1960s


  • Will Peart
    • Ideas shaping policy and laws for the ‘disposal of Crown land’ in Victoria in the 1860s and 1870s


  • Liam Byrne
    • Political culture of the Australian Labor Party in Victoria 1901 and 1921


  • Response
    • Frank Bongiorno and Bruce Chapman


LUNCH 12-12.30

Session 3


  • Carla Pascoe
    • Changing policy regarding and experience of motherhood in Australia since 1945


  • Kylie Rippon
    • Aboriginal Acts and their effects on Aboriginal Parenting 1877 to 1920


  • Yolande Robinson
    • The recent history of community-based approaches to preventing crime in Queensland


  • David Roth
    • Life, Death and Release at Callan Park Hospital for the Insane


  • Response
    • Nicholas Brown and Meredith Edwards


Session 4


  • Rebecca Cairns
    • ‘Australia-Asia’ policy and a history of the curricular present


  • Anna Kent
    • Influence of education programs on Australia-Indonesia relations


  • Nicholas Ferns
    • Putting Theory into Practice: Development and Australian Economic Assistance to Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia


  • Daniel May
    • Political and Cultural Influence of Understandings of Indigenous Fire-use in Australia


  • Response
    • David Lowe; John Uhr

Session 5


Overview and conclusions      Sean Scalmer and Stuart Macintyre




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