Dr Samuel Koehne’s New Journal Article

SKoehneProfileDr Samuel Koehne has just published  “Were the National Socialists a Völkisch Party? Paganism, Christianity, and the Nazi Christmas” in Contemporary Church History Quarterly.

Dr Koehne is an internationally recognised expert on the topic of Nazism and religion. He has recently appeared on the ABC’s “Honest History” series, and his work is currently being examined in the Contemporary Church History Quarterly. In the most recent issue, Dr Koehne’s article on “The Nazi Christmas” is considered by Christopher Probst , who notes the “significant insights” being made through Dr Koehne’s body of work into “National Socialist views of religion.” It confirms the “extremely meticulous” and “nuanced” research being pursued by Dr Koehne in the Contemporary Histories Research Group.  At the end of September, he will continue to build upon this work through a paper he is presenting at the German Studies Association (San Diego).


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