PhD Candidate Anna Kent Presenting at Scholarships for Social Change Workshop

AnnaKentUpdatedProfileImageAnna Kent is a PhD candidate and her dissertation is titled: Australian Scholarships for Indonesia 1960 to 2015: Critical Mass, Policy and Expectations Associated with Scholarships and Alumni

Scholarships for Social Change: Participants’ Workshop

In two weeks Anna will be heading  to New York to participate in a workshop called Scholarships for Social Change (30th Sept to 2nd Oct). 

The meeting is a an opportunity to engage in intensive discussion about the strategic use of scholarship programs as a vehicle for promoting social change, community resilience, and human development. Specifically, the meeting will focus on contributions to the edited book entitled International Scholarships in Higher Education: Pathways for Social Change. Participants come from across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South and North America, and are based in universities, scholarship administration organizations, grant-making bodies (including private foundations), and international agencies. 

Anna is writing a chapter titled “Recent trends in International Scholarships”, and the book is due to be published next year.

The workshop is supported by the Ford Foundation and the Institute of International Education, with participants being flown to New York from around the world.


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