Dr Filip Slaveski Presenting at Forthcoming Post-Conflict Reconstruction Workshop

Winning the Peace and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Workshop

 How can peaceful, stable and legitimate states be built in the aftermath of conflict?


29 August 2016

Burwood Corporate Centre, Deakin University

This workshop explore vexing questions of post-conflict transformation and development by interrogating its key elements from comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives. The workshop brings together scholars from historical studies, international relations, humanitarian and development studies, together with practitioners, to elicit new approaches to key questions. The workshop explores interdisciplinary spaces, believing that political science, international relations humanitarian and development studies frameworks, and industry models of practice, rarely sufficiently prioritise the historicisation of case studies—whilst historical studies approaches are often insufficiently cognisant of theoretical and contemporary practice insights.

Rather than present a series of discrete papers, this workshop gathers a range of experts in post-conflict transitions into meditated, detailed panel discussions. The workshop asks, what can we can learn from one another’s approaches and case studies, and does this reveals new ways of thinking about post-conflict transitions? What implications do these new ways of thinking have for our fields? Most importantly, how can they increase our capacity to better understand the chaotic interregnum between war and peace, and better advise international agencies and local societies facing one of the most important global challenges in the 21st century?

This workshop is hosted by Deakin University’s Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI) research streams on Governance, Justice and Security, and Development, Inequality and Well-being

Registration is free. Please RSVP by email to ADI Admin.


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