Congratulations Joanna Cruickshank: History For Change Project Reaches 100%

Dr Joanna Cruickshank is a Senior Lecturer at Deakin University, co-editor of The Journal of Religious History and a member of the Contemporary Histories Research Group. Jo has recently initiated a crowdfunding campaign for her research project – History For Change. You can follow Jo on Twitter @jcrankers:

Jo recently embarked on crowdfunding a research project called History For Change, seeking to fund a project developed with education and anti-racist scholars at Deakin University, which will examine the role that historical education can play in educating school kids about racism and empowering them to stand up against it. The project reached the target on 31 May: congratulations Jo!

Jo’s interest in this topic arises out of Jo’s long-term involvement in a theatre performance called Coranderrk: We Will Show the Country, a powerful reenactment of Aboriginal activism at the 1881 Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the management of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve.

Thank you to all who pledged and supported Jo’s project and stay tuned for updates on History For Change in the coming weeks.


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