Professor Peter Edwards’ New Book Chapter

EDWARDS, P Menzies book image SMALLPeter Edwards, an Associate of the CHRG, has published the chapter on ‘Foreign Policy, Defence and National Security’ in J.R. Nethercote ed., Menzies: The Shaping of Modern Australia, (Connor Court in association with the Menzies Research Centre, 2016).  The book marks the 50th anniversary of Robert Menzies’ retirement as Prime Minister in 1966.  Peter’s chapter discusses the Menzies Government’s relations with Britain, the United States and Asia; the ‘forward defence’ strategy and Australia’s military commitments to the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Malayan Emergency and the Indonesian Confrontation; Menzies’s relationships with Foreign Ministers Percy Spender, Richard Casey, Garfield Barwick and Paul Hasluck; and his role in development of policy-making structures. Among the sources are several works by Professor David Lowe.

Peter summarised some of the themes of his chapter in a post on The Strategist, the blog of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute


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