Dr Kirstie Close-Barry’s Article Published on Development Policy Centre Website

CHRG’s Dr Kirstie Close-Barry along with Gregory Bablis has published an article titled: “Shared military heritage and developing ‘Kokoda culture’” on  Devpolicy Blog, the website of the Development Policy Centre housed in the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University.

“Efforts continue in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to preserve and protect World War Two heritage. In 2014, a team of Papua New Guinean researchers commenced work on an oral history project along the Kokoda Track, recording the memories of local people and families who had lived through the war: their experiences and the legacies of the conflict. PNG historians are starting to talk about how this ‘Kokoda culture’ could be transposed throughout the country to foster wider participation in PNG’s economy while increasing international exposure for PNG as a rich tourism destination.” Read more>>


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