“War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership” – WARMAP

Deakin University is taking part in a joint research project “War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership”, focusing on conflict heritage and war remembrance in Asia:

“WARMAP is an interdisciplinary research collaboration that investigates Asia’s conflict heritage in a globalized world.

Accompanying Asia’s economic emergence, the region has witnessed a corresponding ‘memory boom’ marked by two contrasting trends. On the one hand, the remembrance of 20th century conflicts which still define its national identities (and enmities) has become intensified. Conversely, the production and dissemination of war memories has been subject to powerful transnational flows – of people, practices, capital and digitized information.

The “War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership” (WARMAP) brings together scholars from different disciplines in an effort to explore Asia’s conflict heritage in a globalized world, focusing on the powerful transnational flows which are challenging, subverting and transforming official discourses of war remembrance.

WARMAP is a joint research project between the University of Essex (UK), Deakin University (AU), Kyushu University (JP), the National University of Singapore (SG), Wageningen University (NL), and Academia Sinica (TW). It is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.”


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