Dr Cassandra Atherton – New Book of Poetry ‘Exhumed’ to be Released

Dr Cassandra Atherton is a member of the Contemporary Histories Research Group and is currently a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. Her new book of poetry ‘Exhumed’ is soon to be published by Grand Parade Poets.



Dr Jessica Wilkinson from RMIT University has arranged a celebration of this forthcoming publication on Friday 27 November:

Time: 8pm onwards

“The marvellous Cassandra Atherton — champion of Australian poetry and poets, prolific reviewer, queen of mentors and master of the prose poem — has a new book of poetry coming out through Grand Parade Poets, “Exhumed”. Alan Wearne is in town with a box of these, hot off the press, and Cassandra is also in town (mid-fellowship at Harvard).

Cassandra is launch-shy but given the collision of components in Melbourne this week (Alan-Cassandra-“Exhumed”) I propose we meet for a drink to celebrate Cass’ book and her all-round fabulousness.”

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