The History of Australia’s Representation in the United States

The History of Australia’s Representation in the United States

In October 2014 the CHRG hosted, with support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and King’s College London, a special, two-day event examining the history of Australia’s diplomatic representation to the United States. This year, 2015, marks 75 years of Australian representation, so the event was especially timely. Our two days included scholarly papers on the history of Ambassadors’ terms plus an innovative witness seminar featuring former senior members of the Embassy reflecting on the issues of their day and in conversation with academics. Australia’s current Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Kim Beazley, contributed a comprehensive pre-recorded paper.

In coming weeks, we will be advising further, on this page, about the book that follows, and we will also be posting here a most valuable resource for ongoing research: the agreed transcripts of the witness seminar, featuring former members of the Embassy.

Please watch this space as the record of this witness seminar will be loaded very soon.


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  1. Bill Apter says:
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    I am interested in this topic and note that you said in August 2015 that, “in the coming weeks” you will be posting more details including transcripts of the seminar.
    Have these been posted? I can’t seem to find any link.
    Many thanks

    1. CELESTE THORN says:
      - Reply

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your interest in this exciting project; we will have these transcripts available as soon as possible!
      Let us know if you have any queries at all.
      Kind Regards,

      1. Bill Apter says:
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        Many thanks Celeste!

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