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Results: 2015

Postgraduate Workshop with Dr Tim Dunlop

The Contemporary Histories Research Group ran a workshop hosted by Tim Dunlop for postgraduate students interested in understanding the importance of developing a web presence and publishing in the...

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Dr Kirstie Close-Barry’s Book ‘A Mission Divided’ Published

Dr Kirstie Close-Barry‘s monograph A Mission Divided: Race, Culture and Colonialism in Fiji’s Methodist Mission was published this month by ANU Press and is available now: “This book provides...

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Heather Brown – First Year of PhD Candidature

Heather Brown is a current postgraduate student in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. Heather will be a regular contributor to the Contemporary Histories Research...

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Reflections from Harvard University – Dr Cassandra Atherton

My two favourite libraries at Harvard – the places where I spend a lot of my time –are the Widener and Houghton libraries. Widener was built after Harry Widener...

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Dr Tiffany Shellam’s New Book Published – Rosendo Salvado and the Australian Aboriginal World

In April 2014 Dr Tiffany Shellam was invite to present at a symposia in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, celebrating the birth of Rosendo Salvado, the founder of the New...

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Dr Samuel Koehne Participates in Recent ‘Emotions and Memory’ Workshop

Dr Samuel Koehne recently participated in the workshop ‘Emotions and Memory: Humiliation and Dignity in Asian, Australian and European Memories of Violence’ at the University of Melbourne, speaking on ‘Hitler and...

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Connect with the Contemporary Histories Research Group – Now on Social Media

The Contemporary Histories Research Group is now live on social media platforms Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @Contemp_History and like our new page on Facebook for updates, news...

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Associate Professor Maria Takolander’s New Article on The Conversation

Associate Professor Maria Takolander’s new article ‘Explainer: Magical Realism’ was published on The Conversation 3 December 2015. Maria’s profile and publications

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Dr Filip Slaveski on Sky News – ‘World Awaits Russia’s Reaction’

Dr Filip Slaveski took part in an interview with Sky News correspondent Jim Middleton on 28 November 2015 to discuss the shooting down of a Russian jet over the Syria-...

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Dr Samuel Koehne – New Think Piece: Hitler and the Language of Extermination

Adjunct member Dr Samuel Koehne has provided a new a’Think Piece’ for the Contemporary Histories Research Group and beyond: Hitler and the Language of Extermination: A Comment on Netanyahu’s...

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Dr Cassandra Atherton – New Book of Poetry ‘Exhumed’ to be Released

Dr Cassandra Atherton is a member of the Contemporary Histories Research Group and is currently a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. Her new book of poetry ‘Exhumed’ is soon...

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Upcoming Event – Gallipoli in Retrospect

Sponsored by the Contemporary Histories Research Group at Deakin University, and the Australian Government’s Anzac Centenary Local Grants scheme. Tuesday 15 December 3:30-6:00pm The Gallipoli campaign ended in Allied...

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